Climate Justice for All – Fiji resources

The theme for this month’s resources is ‘climate induced relocation’, which highlights the impacts of climate change in the Pacific specifically the country of Fiji. The chosen scripture for this month’s theme is Psalm 137:4 which reads “How do we sing the Lord’s Song in a Strange Land?”. In our Pacific context, this scripture is both lament and of protest in the face of climate change. It laments the disconnection and alienation experienced by indigenous Pacific islanders faced by climate induced relocation/displacement and protests the cries of our Pacific people who see land, sea, spirituality and identity profoundly interrelated.

In this month’s short film it calls attention to how climate change has or is likely to induce forced relocation for two communities in Fiji, these communities being Narikoso and Vunidogoloa. It highlights a lived reality for the Pacific and how vulnerable these frontline communities are in the face of the climate crisis. These stories shared are not only to inspire but are posed as a wake up call for the immediate action that is needed in order to really achieve climate justice for all before it is too late.

Using the scripture as a reflection on the short film, Psalm 137 is therefore a song of ‘praise and protest’ for our Pacific people who live on the frontiers of climate risk and vulnerability. Whilst seeing the struggle these communities are put through when it comes to climate induced relocation, although they mourn and lament in the present and in memory. They are more so seen as being RESILIENT – resilient because of their hope and faith, as people of the resurrection, they trust that life not death will always have the final say. They are resilient because they are children that are part of the household of a liberating God, who always hears and acts to the cries of his oppressed children.

To read up more on this month’s resources, please check out The CJ4A team hopes that in sharing this month’s resources that include both worship materials and a short film from the Pacific, it will inspire our global Methodist family

1. To call out their ambassadors to the COP to make climate justice possible for everyone.

2. To learn about the çommitments they can make to be part of change.

3. To listen to stories from their global family and be part of the bigger picture.