CJ4A Britain – Have Your Say

Article by Grace, aged 9, Great Britain

Climate justice for all is a way for everyone of all ages to protest about climate change. COP26 is a meeting about climate change with all the world leaders. The Methodist church wants to send a message to the world leaders about climate change.

On Saturday the 12th June I went to a Zoom meeting about climate change with other Green Agents of Change. The two topics/main questions were: What does climate justice look or feel like? What do you want to say to world leaders?

We all came up with a lot of ideas. We decided things like taxing fossil fuels and having more electric cars. We want to make this kind of thing happen. I feel delighted that my message to the world leaders will be part of a big church message.

Can YOU add your voice to the Methodist plea? If you are a British Methodist, complete our “Have your say” survey here before the 18th July!

Be more climate friendly.