Climate Justice for All – Uruguay resources

In the month of July, our short film and worship resources focus on Uruguay. With these resources we wanted to show how Uruguay is facing the climate crisis, both from a scientific point of view as well as from a more personal and social one. 

Particularly in the short film, we can learn about the changes in temperature and rainfall patterns and about the great importance that agroecology has in mitigation. We can listen to the fishermen and fisherwomen’s touching stories about how their livelihoods are affected by the ocean warming. At the end we can listen to the hopes of young people in Uruguay for the future of the planet. 

The process of filming the short film was very enriching and inspiring, but at the same time emotionally hard. It was hard to listen to the difficulties that people are going through due to this crisis, but it was beautiful and inspiring to see that there is hope in every testimony.

In the worship resources, we can get a deeper insight about the topics mentioned in the short film. The main theme for this month’s resources is the water and the chosen scripture is Psalm 65:5-13. With the eco-reflection written by an ecotheology group, we can reflect on the value and necessity that water is to life. This eco-reflection shows different ways of being. On the one hand, the way Milton (artisan cheese producer) cares for and feels about the Creation and how he shares his knowledge with others, and on the other hand the self-interest and the agricultural export model. Throughout this reading, you will reflect on the difference between the water cycle and the profit cycle, and how in this Psalm we see that God sustains and renews the Creation. 

We can also worship with some different and creative resources, such as an original song about the need to care for Creation and with a visual art worship video, or with traditional prayers for Creation. The development of the resources was very special. We established a youth group with whom we met every week for around a month, where we discussed climate issues, got inspired together and gave the space to create the resources they felt most comfortable with. 

We hope that through this month’s content the Methodist family can get a better insight into what climate change looks like in Uruguay and how we are trying to mitigate those effects. It is also really nice to share our own worship practices with the rest of the world, so that people can enjoy them as much as we do!

To read more on this month’s resources, please check out The CJ4A team hopes that, in sharing this month’s resources, which include both worship materials and a short film from Uruguay, we will inspire our global Methodist family;

  1. To call on their ambassadors to the COP to make climate justice possible for everyone.
  2. To learn about the commitments they can make to be part of change.
  3. To listen to stories from their global family and be part of the bigger picture.